Elizabeth Morrison

Pacifica, CA



  Hello and welcome. My name is Elizabeth and I’m the co-author, with Elliot D. Abravanel, MD, of Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan. I’ve been privileged to work on this program since the very beginning. Our first book came out in 1983, and we had been working on the program for several years before that, so  I have been involved with the body type system since 1980. Twenty-eight years! I can hardly believe it myself.


    Of course, I follow the system myself. I'm a G-type and have been doing the G program for most of my life. As a result I feel good, have lots of energy, and my weight has remained about the same all this time. I initially lost some extra pounds when I went on the program. That was nice, but even better was that I became balanced and got my cravings under control. Because of that, the pounds have never come back.  The black and white picture was taken in 1984, when I was 39. (It was on the dust jacket of our third book.)  The color picture on the right was taken just recently, 24 years later. When I look at that picture I can see how much the Body Type program has helped me!

    I would be very happy to help you with your health, weight and balance goals. If you’d like to try counseling with me, give me a call. I’ll be glad to explore whether the body type program is right for you.  Or call any of the counselors here. I can recommend all of them! They are incredible women.  

    Body Type counseling is very affordable, and it will pay itself back many times over in health and balance at your best weight. So call, or drop me an email. I look forward to hearing from you. 


by Elliot D. Abravanel, M.D. and Elizabeth King Morrison