by Elliot D. Abravanel, M.D. and Elizabeth King Morrison


    This page is addressed to you, the health professional, whether you are a nutritionist, an M.D., a D.C., a psychotherapist, a nurse, a D.O., a personal trainer, or any of a multitude of other health advisors. Many of you are already using the Body Type System in your practices. We know because we often hear from readers that our program was recommended by their nutritionist, chiropractor, M.D. and so on. We want you to know that we are happy about this and are always ready to help by answering questions or consulting with you on patients or clients.

Become a Certified Body Type Counselor

    If you would like to learn more about how to use our system, we invite you to consider the Body Type Counselor Training Course. There are three parts to the training.  All can be done through phone and video conferencing. Parts 1 and 2 take about eight hours to complete. Part 3 takes four hours. Parts 1 and 2 can also be done in two 4-hour segments each if you prefer.

Part 1: Body Type Determination.

    This is a full and very intense day on Body Typing, and is a unique, fascinating window into the theory and practice of individual differentiation. The day is spent going in detail through the details of each body type’s appearance and characterizations; looking at hundreds of pictures; studying classic and unusual examples of the types; and practicing body typing techniques.

    In our experience, about 25% of the population is classic; they display most of the characteristics of their body type, and are very easy to classify. 50% of the population are moderately difficult to classify; they have some characteristics of their type and some characteristics (such as cravings) of another type or types. Finally, 25% of the population is difficult to type. They have unusual manifestations of characteristics and many crossover characteristics. In the Counselor Training we spend some time on the classic and moderate types but concentrate on difficult-to-type people. If you are doing body typing for any reason, you need this part of the course.

Part 2: Using the Body Type Counseling Modules

    The second 8-hour segment covers use of the Body Type Counseling Modules. The Modules are:

  1. 1.Body Type Determination

  2. 2.The Body Type Eating Plan

  3. 3.Cravings Control

  4. 4.Using Taste and Smell for Balance

  5. 5.The Body Type Exercise Plan

  6. 6.Cooking Right for your Body Type

  7. 7.Stress Control for your Body Type

  8. 8.Losing the Last Five Pounds

  9. 9.Staying in Balance for Life.   


    The Counseling Modules are a carefully structured sequence of information you can use to take your clients through a complete course in their metabolism.  After taking this segment you have complete access to the counseling modules through your own page on Bodytypes.com.

Part 3: The Business of Body Type Counseling

    The final ½ day is on setting up your Counseling practice, and includes marketing and business information.

The cost of the training is $2000 for all three parts. You can also take the segments separately. In that case, Part 1 is $1000, Part 2 is $1000, and Part 3 is $500. 

Is the Training expensive? No, when you consider that you are qualified to open your own Counseling business, with the full support of the Body Type Institute. I have read every evaluation of every Counselor we have trained. We always ask if they consider the course fee reasonable, and every single Counselor has told us that now that they know the value of what they have learned, they consider it a true bargain!

To sign up for your first phase of Counselor Training, click here for the Body Type Store.

For more information about Counselor Training, please contact the Body Type Institute, 331 Farallon Ave, Pacifica, CA 94044, or email Elizabeth at elizabethmorrison@mac.com


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