Welcome to the Body Type System Message Board! This is the offical web site of the Body Type System. I am Elizabeth King Morrison, the co-author, with Dr. Elliot Abravanel, of the Body Type Diet books. I maintain this site, and I stop by the Board once a week or so, to answer questions and give support. This is an open, unmoderated message board. You can ask or say anything, including questions and doubts--we believe in openness, and we'll try to find answers for you. Please feel free to start a new thread or to add your thoughts to an existing discussion. We are a very supportive, respectful and welcoming community. You'll find quite a few people who visit the Board regularly who are very knowledgable about the Body Type System. Some of them have been on the program for years and are in very good balance, and they are generous about sharing their knowledge with others. So, please make yourself at home, come often, and enjoy the process and the results.

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bodytyping for other health issues- Posted by Tiffany Vaughn on 01/23/21
       Re: bodytyping for other health issues- Posted by Elizabeth Morrison on

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