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03/31/04 Not Hungry at Meal Time

Comments:    I think you should make yourself eat a little something. Me? I WISH I had that problem. I eat all the time. I eat cause I am bored. I am an A type so I can't answer your question really. But I think you should make yourself eat something just to keep your metabolism running up to speed. You don't eat, its gonna slow it down. My husbands ex wife is a T type and she HATES FAT (poor thing..LOL) and she skips meals all the time. She claims to fame she is not hungry. She is super thin but she gains weight really easy. So I think that if you feed the machine it will run at top speed. Good luck!! PS. I don't know what your allowed to eat on your diet. But how about a smoothie! Yum. Sounds like a good treat and getting a meal in one!
Posted by:Angila
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