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05/16/04 Desparately need advice

Comments:    Hi, I have the body type book, but I haven't started it. I was on the Atkins diet last year and I didn't feel good on it at all. I did however lose 15 pounds. I have gained it back since going off the diet plus adding an additional 5 pounds. I am really scared to start another diet and am confused as to which diet is best for me. There are so many contradictions out there. For instance I am a G body-type and I am not supposed to eat red meat, right? but Michael Thurmonds 6-week bodymakeover diet says that I am an E body type and I should eat red meat. What's up with that and who is right? Also My husband is an A and I have 2 small children. I really don't want to be cooking three different menu's!! I don't even have time for 1 menu, let alone 3. Can someone give me some advice, I am very discouraged, but desparately want to lose about 20-pounds. I am willing to do anything as long as it is managable for me and my family and it makes me feel better. I appreciate any help or suggestions. Sincerely, Raelyn
Posted by:Raelyn
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