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01/08/20 G type maintenance diet

Comments:    Hi, I have read Dr. Abravenels book and have been following the diet for a G type for 3 weeks now with excellent results. I intend to keep going alternating balancing with purifying until I reach my ideal weight but I have a question about the maintenance diet. Dr. Abravenel lists under plenty foods  fruits, vegetables etc. Are all fruits OK? Is avocado OK since its fatty? What about potatoes, they were not represented in the diet and since they are starchy, are they OK in moderation or not at all? Since eggs were so represented during the balancing diet, I was surprised not to see them listed under maintenance schedule. Are they OK to be eaten? Frequently, in moderation or rarely? What about bread  is wholegrain OK, or should there be no bread, how about pasta? Any at all or avoid it altogether? What about beans? Thank you in advance! Mila
Posted by:Mila
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