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Supplements for pituitary body type

Comments:    Hi Rob, It's been forever since I've posted on here - not since about 2005. They don't sell the supplements to my knowledge anymore. For my 9 year old P-type son, I give him a grass-fed beef organ supplement. He's a huge sucker for milk, so I encourage a Magnesium drink that I mix up for him and try to have him drink that instead, and of course push the water. He has hit the "chubby stage" a lot of P-types go through at his age. My husband is also a P-type and he's lactose intolerant and refuses to take supplements. He stays pretty balanced without much strain. Strength training really has helped him and he does a lot of fruit smoothies with protein. He is built exactly like Adam Levine (which can get confused as a T-type) but muscle development in the calves and more narrow shoulders gives the P-type away. I myself have P-type secondary (I'm one of the T-types featured on the other pages) and try to watch the dairy - but it's hard. Good luck to you!
Posted by:Leanna Dohanich
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