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More Descriptive Pictures Would Help

Comments:    Hi Shari - I agree because there can be so much variation within each type. I was so confused by my own husband for over a decade because at first glance he looks like a T-type but then he had some very strong adrenal qualities and he didn't have anywhere near the typical T-type personality. I figured out he's just ectomorphic P-type with strong adrenal secondary. He's so "in his head", I should have known! It was seeing my P-type son hit his chubby phase that cued me in to look more closely at my husband's child photos and I don't know how I missed it. Within in the Thyroid type you have so much variation too. You have the tall, thin ones, and then you have the short, stockier ones like me. If you looked at my own profile, I might appear like a G-type, but it's just because I have a normal deviation in my lower spine where one of my vertebrae is straight, so my rear end kicks out more than the average T-type (I'm T with P-secondary). It runs in my Scandinavian side. I have a beautiful Scandinavian non- related friend who is an Adrenal, snd she also has this deviation - yep, her butt sticks out too. But she's absolutely Adrenal. What is it about your body that you are having trouble with deciphering? Also, be aware of ectomorphic/mesomorphic/endomorphic qualities as well. Ectomorphic people are much harder to decipher because they just don't carry a lot of weight normally so they can be confused as a T-type. I have noticed if a person has a long torso/shorter legs, they are not likely to be a T-type or even A-type. Courtney Cox is an A-type, Jennifer Aniston is a G- type, Vivien Leigh was a P-type for just a few examples.
Posted by:Leanna E Dohanich
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