by Elliot D. Abravanel, M.D. and Elizabeth King Morrison

Next we have Gwen’s story. She’s the one whose great photo is on the home page.  She says: “I lost 40 pounds and have now kept it off for four years. Before I found out I was a Thyroid Type I had no idea how to manage my weight. I struggled with sweet and starch cravings, which I now realize were a result of the way I was eating. I believed that eating a lowfat diet  with lots of grains and vegetables was the healthiest way to eat. It would have been fine if I were an Adrenal Type! But this way of eating does not fit the needs of a T.  I bought the book and put it into practice, and was amazed to find my cravings decrease and then disappear. The weight came off. Now I’m in balance and it’s quite easy for me to maintain a good weight. Knowing my Body Type was crucial in every way to my success.”

Many of you know Leanna from her messages in the Body Type Chat Room. She has been posting for many years, always helping people with their choices. I got to meet her when she was still a student-now she is a veterinarian and a new mom. And you get to meet her too right here! Here’s what she says:

“I must have weighed about 140 in this unbalanced photo (on the right) and was 19 years old.  I weigh about 123 in the balanced photo and I was 26 years old when it was taken. It is my hiker's body.  I did some jogging with my dogs and weights as well to look that way.  It took me about 18 months on the plan as well because I "eased" into it rather than went cold turkey.  I also persevered through the big "SEVENTH MONTH MARK"!  The lowest weight I ever got to was 117 but I think 123 is ideal for me at 5'3" with small bone structure. I would like to get a post-baby picture too but that might be awhile since I still have 30 pounds to go.  The weight seems to be slowly melting away but I started to work out a few weeks ago and (I had a few post-baby problems)...so I guess I can only walk and do some simple lifting for awhile. I'm getting my cravings under control again which is a BIG relief.
  In fact, some things are "too sweet" for me at this point! Well anyway, unless I get pregnant right away again, I hope to be in a bikini this summer so I'll try to get a shot of myself then.”

This is Elizabeth now-I just want to add that if you want to learn a lot about body type theory and practice, go to the Chat Room and use the search button to bring up Leanna’s posts over the years. It will be fascinating! You can see her progress, her thoughts about that “seventh month mark” that she mentions, many ideas for recipes and keeping the eggs interesting-and much more. Plus she has answered questions for so many people. Thank you Leanna! To the right is a bonus photo of Leanna. A Haitian nun is baptizing her into the country, a beautiful custom.

Next we are happy to feature Leslie’s story: For me it is a way of life!

My name is Leslie, I am 48 years old, and this is my story.
I am a mother of four beautiful children and a wife of the most amazing and supportive husband.  I have struggled with my weight for the last 25 years!  I am like a yoyo - my weight goes up and down.  Then I found, with the great help of my daughter, Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type plan!   Wow not only is this a well kept secret but it is a miracle!

I have only been on this plan ( I hate to say diet because to me it is a way of life!) for  4 months and have lost 53 lbs.  I feel amazing!  This isn’t just about being fat anymore, it is about being healthy.  I am taking my vitamins and walking 4 miles at least 5 times per week.  My attitude has changed - it is positive now.  If  anyone who is thinking of purchasing this book to do it!  You can’t go wrong and you will feel amazing!  I am not to my goal yet so keep looking back because I have got a few more milestones to go! 


To Leslie: Thank you for this story. We will keep posting photos any time you want us to.-Elizabeth

This comes from a reader at Amazon.com: Finally! The answer on "How to Feed My Body"!

Here's the manual on how to feed your body and make it run efficiently and with a happier outlook. I finally understand how to truly eliminate fatigue and cravings! The weight loss is just an added bonus. The explanations describing each body-type make it easy to understand not only your own body, but the cravings and weight problems loved ones.

I have recommended this book to many friends and relatives who are ALL finding success.

Here's an additional little tip - when making changes to your diet, try only one meal at a time for about a week. Example: Begin by changing your breakfast habits. Get successful at it for at least 5-7 days. Then try changing your lunch habits for 5-7 days. Then dinner. It's much less stressful to change things a little at a time. It also gives you time to develop eating strategies and menus.

Linda, a reader in Australia: This book gave me back my son.


My now 7 year old son was born as an underweight 2.2kg premature baby. We tried everything (we thought) to get him to gain weight - breastfed for 3 years, healthy near vegetarian diet with lots of legumes, some fish as well. We couldn't give him cow's milk (even lactose free) as it made him sick. He was tall, but always very very thin and whingy.

Dr Abravanel's body typing book gave me back my son.

It turns out I'm an Adrenal along with my 2 year old son (and we're fit and very strong), but my 7 year old and his father are Thyroid types. Once we worked this out and made some simple changes to the timing and food my husband and 7 year old were eating, the changes have been astounding in both of them! My 7 year old has more energy, he's more cheeky and playful, and he's finally gaining weight - muscle not fat! He even beat me in a running race the other day! And I'm very happy he did.

    I'm even losing weight in the right places not the wrong ones - another advantage of using this diet approach. My friends have all started commenting and queuing up to borrow my copy of the book ... so I'm ordering another one right now!

    I highly recommend this book - I also use it in my life coaching practice with clients as I have yet to meet a client who didn't need more energy to attain their goals!

Another reader writes:  First time in 44 years I feel good with dieting.

    It really is true that if you follow the food pyramid for your dominant gland that the foods will eliminate your cravings while dieting. I have done every diet that one could find on this planet, even "lifetime member" at weight watchers but I always was fighting food cravings. A naturopathic physician referred me to this, I was more than skeptical because I am not a "tree hugger" type of person that would consider the source valuable. The first month I was shaky and had a hard time with my cravings, but then one day without any explanation I got energy and did not crave the foods I always ate.

    The best part is that I am losing weight in places FIRST that I used to loose LAST (the "problem area") so watching my body change in this desirable order is so new for a 44 year old like me. I have a college at work who had given up on weight loss, gave this a half hearted try, and has lost near to 100 pounds. Totally amazing.

From Norwood, Ohio: Coming back to a sure winner!

     I read the older version of this book 13 years ago and it made so much sense, the description of my body type was so perfect, that I just had to try it. I went from 161 lbs. to 143 lbs. in one 4 week cycle. I hadn't weighed that little since BEFORE high school. Also, friends and co-workers were amazed at the change in my emotional state. No more mood-swings! Unfortunately, I slowly reverted back to old eating habits...and it still took me an ice cream, chocolate, caffeine binge 4 months later to START GAINING WEIGHT AGAIN! Amazing.

    Knowing my body type has meant that at various times over the years I have been able to simply apply my basic body type principles in order to control my weight. During my first pregnancy I gained only 17 lbs. thanks to Dr. Abravanel's principles and 3 weeks after giving birth I was smaller than when I got pregnant!

    Here's the really amazing part. I didn't follow his plan religiously. I'm a T-Type and did the 2 eggs breakfast but would use margarine to cook my eggs. I hate doing lunch so did Slimfast instead. My hubby was A-Type and got dessert, so occasionally I'd "reward" myself with a small cup of ice cream. Those kinds of things. And WITHOUT EXERCISE I STILL got these awesome results.

    I have never felt so balanced and happy with myself. Now it's time to get serious about weight-loss and I'm buying the book again (my old one was borrowed and never returned). My sister and her hubby are doing the Atkins Diet and I decided it was "time" and that I'd do the diet I trust. I've always been a huge fan of this book and have referred everyone I know to it when they wanted to lose weight. I told my sister about it and she might even switch over from Atkins! Can't wait to get the book and show it to her!

    Two days ago I started following the guidelines I remember and I can't believe how quickly my cravings have faded...not gone...but definitely faded. It takes little effort to get through them now, and my "snack" definitely helps!

Sure hope the book gets here soon since I'm excited to see what's been added! Good luck to all you folks working to get yourself in balance! Try this book, it works!



Body Type Results

These stories are from readers and counseling clients.

If you’d like to have your story added here, send it to elizabethmorrison@mac.com

We have an update from Cyndi Nelson! You all know that Cyndi started on the Body Type Diet during 2010 weighing 243 pounds. In the middle picture, taken about a year ago, she weighed 120. Today she weighs 116 and is wearing a size 6 dress (see the new picture on the right.) And if the pictures aren’t amazing enough, wait till you read her update just below! Remember the mayor of her town, Tensed, Idaho? When we last heard from Cyndi the mayor had lost 50 pounds. Now it’s 86 pounds. And others in the town are doing the same. This is a town on the move- and all inspired by Cyndi.

Cyndi writes: Hi Elizabeth.  I'm hanging around 116 these days.  I haven't lost too much more weight for the last 3 months but am maintaining really well.  I am not at goal weight yet at 109,  I am gearing up to take the remainder off this spring.  Amazingly,  even though the weight loss has slowed down, my body is still reshaping.  I squeezed into a size 6 dress.  I was so excited but I thought the dress was surely mislabeled, so I went and bought another size 6 ( just to see if it were true) and it fit the same way.  Another 5 pounds or so and it will fit comfortably.  It has been 35 years since I was that size! Nobody thought it could be done. 

    Here in Tensed the people who truly want to lose weight seem to hang on every word you say. Seeing is believing for some.  The mayor of the town is down 86 pounds and the gal at the grocery store has lost somewhere between 50 and 60.  I saw her the other day, and almost broke my jaw when it hit the floor! She looks so good! And has been promoting this diet to everyone she sees.  Several have gone on the body type from seeing Sharon lose the weight.  And she is in contact with people all day long. 

    My M.D. says that this diet is excellent. My mom’s cardiologist says the same.  My doctor asked me if there was a support group for this diet here in Tensed. I told him, sadly no, but there are a few of us who get together, usually at the store, and encourage each other.  He told me that he would like to see us get one together, and he would refer people in our area to it for weight loss!!!  I really need to get certified and I am still very interested in doing that. Thanks again Elizabeth for your help and encouragement.  I will keep in touch.  Here is a photo of the “Too tight but I’m in it!" size 6 dress.  Will let you know when I hit goal weight.

Thanks Cyndi. We are all following your progress and enjoying it almost as much as you are! Elizabeth

We also have a new story from Susan M. I love what Susan says because it brings out the many benefits besides weight loss that come from the Body Type Program. Remember, it’s all about balance and health, because to reach and keep your best weight can only happen when your body is working as it is meant to do. Susan writes,

    “I started the Body Type program 18 months ago. I was within 15 pounds of my goal weight, so my goal was to lose the few pounds I needed to lose and benefit from better health. I have realized both of these goals and more!

    Eating the T-type balancing foods and nearly eliminating the stimulating foods has made me feel so much better. I am much more "centered," and my nervous system has settled down a great deal. Everyday I notice I am a calmer soul; I react to stress differently. I laughed when I read in one of Dr. Abravanel's books how a balanced T type will feel more at one with the earth and not be so afraid of bugs. However, this has actually happened!

    As a thyroid patient with Hashimoto's, the Body Type diet has increased my own natural thyroid hormone production. I am not taking any hormone replacement at this time and metabolism has increased. This has become apparent due to the increase in body temperature and energy level.

      The program truly does remove cravings. I began the Body Type diet addicted to caffeine, sugar, and other simple carbs. Now I only want the balancing foods, and even though I'm on maintenance, I don't seem to need to experiment with a lot of moderation foods. I simply don't want them most of the time. It really does change the body chemistry and physiology. I encourage everyone to give it a try. I'm confident you will be impressed.