Achieving your Ideal Shape with the Body Type Diet

Why There Are Trouble Spots

    We now know that each Body Type has trouble spots--places where they put on extra pounds. Most people think where you put your extra pounds is random, or perhaps genetic (“my mother always gained in her thighs, and so do I.”) But it is actually an important feature of your Body Type.

    To understand why it happens, you need to know that fat is not all the same.   The fat on different spots  is controlled by different hormones, and this is the Body Type connection. For example, fat on the thighs is controlled by thyroid hormones. Most Thyroid Types are quite slim when they are young, and their strong thyroid keeps their legs slim. But as they overstimulate and eventually exhaust the thyroid gland, the tired thyroid is not able to keep fat from building up there and in other thyroid-controlled spots.  Many T-Types work hard to lose thigh fat, but even with a lot of exercise they find it does not budge.

    The same thing happens with Adrenal Types, who put on weight in the front, Gonadal Types, who gain in the rear, and Pituitary Types, who put on weight all over.  The fat builds up in spots that are controlled by the dominant gland.

    In each case, the only way to achieve your ideal body shape is to follow the right eating plan for your Body Type. Only when your metabolism is balanced can you actually lose weight from the particular trouble spots!

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G-types gain weight mainly in their rear and outer thighs, the spots controlled by gonadal hormones.

P-types are unusual in gaining weight all over, not in one specific spot like the other Body Types.


by Elliot D. Abravanel, M.D. and Elizabeth King Morrison