Location of the body’s four major glands

The Pituitary Gland

The Thyroid Gland

The Adrenal Glands (atop the kidneys)

The Gonads the ovaries-women only)

     If you have cravings, they can hit you when you’re tired or stressed and sabotage all your hard work. So eliminating food cravings is vital in losing weight.

    To do this, you must know your Body Type! Since everyone craves foods which stimulate the dominant gland, in time we tire or exhaust our dominant gland.  Thyroid Types crave sweets and starches, which stimulate the thyroid.  The result is that their overworked thyroid gland becomes sluggish. The result is lack of energy and weight gain.  Many Thyroid Types actually have to take thyroid hormone because they have exhausted their dominant gland. 

    In the same way, Adrenal Types overstimulate and exhaust their adrenal glands, Pituitary Types do the same to the pituitary gland, and Gonadal Types overstimulate and exhaust their ovaries.

How the Body Type Diets Eliminate Cravings

    When you know your Body Type, you know which foods result in overstimulation and overweight. You avoid these foods, and you also eat plenty of foods which stimulate your other, less active glands. This takes the stress off the dominant gland and allows it to recover.

    When you stop overstimulating your dominant gland, food cravings come under control naturally. It is amazing to find a craving for cookies, ice cream, chips, or whatever has been your downfall food, actually decreasing and disappearing.

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The basic principles of

Body Type dieting

1. Eat less of  those foods which over-stimulate the dominant gland, and

2. Eat more of those foods which support and nourish the other, less active glands.

The results: a balanced body, increased energy, and natural control of food cravings.

Eliminating Food Cravings with the Body Type Diet


by Elliot D. Abravanel, M.D. and Elizabeth King Morrison