What Cravings Say about your Body Type

Why We Have Food Cravings

    Craving foods are simply foods which stimulate one of the glands. We tend to crave foods which stimulate our dominant gland, because that give us a feeling we are used to and like. A Thyroid Type person will crave foods which stimulate the thyroid, because the “rush” of thyroid hormones makes her feel “up” in a way she likes.  An Adrenal Type person will enjoy the feeling of adrenal hormones, so she will crave adrenal-stimulating foods. Pituitary Types like the feeling of pituitary hormones, so they crave pituitary stimulants. Gonadal Type women like the feeling of ovarian hormones, so she too craves foods which stimulate her dominant gland.  

How Cravings Hurt

    What is wrong with using certain foods to stimulate your dominant gland? It turns out it is very closely linked to weight gain. At first, it seems to be no problem. You eat sweets, fats or daily to get energy, and your body responds. But as you go on with your life, you start to overdo it. Your dominant gland becomes stressed and tired. You lose energy, and so you need to eat more of those foods just to keep going. Eventually your dominant gland is exhausted. You feel tired, have terrible cravings which you fight only with tremendous will power, and (in most cases) are over your ideal weight for health and energy.

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The thyroid gland is stimulated by

sweets and starches

The adrenal glands

are stimulated by

salt and fat

The ovaries are stimulated by rich and spicy foods

The pituitary gland

is stimulated by

dairy products


by Elliot D. Abravanel, M.D. and Elizabeth King Morrison

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