Boosting your Energy with the Body Type Diet

Why Energy Runs Down

    Low energy and weight gain are definitely linked. Almost everyone eats more than they want to when tired or stressed, in order to keep going. To restore energy, you need an eating plan that targets your own Body Type’s kind of low energy.

    Low energy can come from medical causes, of course, but in most people low energy comes from a tired-out dominant gland.  You’ve already seen (here) how each Body Type craves foods that stimulate the dominant gland.  Overeating these foods actually exhausts the dominant gland, leading to low energy and weight gain.

Breaking the Low Energy Cycle

    With the Body Type Diet, you can break this cycle. The eating plan has you eating foods which support and activate your other, non-dominant glands, while at the same time resting and restoring your dominant gland. Your energy increases naturally, in a balanced way, as you gain energy from ALL your glands. You won’t believe how energetic you feel. 

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    An exhausted dominant gland means low energy. When all your glands are strong and active, you are like a car running on four cylinders, not just one. This is what we mean by balance--four strong glands giving you more energy than you’ve had in years.


by Elliot D. Abravanel, M.D. and Elizabeth King Morrison