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      Body Type Counseling is for you if you’d like a coach in your corner to make the program work for you. We say it’s like a college course in your metabolism, because you learn so much about yourself. You’ll understand things about yourself, your family and even your friends when you have your very own Body Type Counselor

To contact a counselor, you can call using the phone numbers given, or send an email through this site. Click on the counselor’s name or photo to learn more about each one. All of us are happy to spend a few moments explaining the Body Type Counseling program, and there is no charge for this initial discussion. Then you can decide if you feel that working with counselor might give you just the support you need to get started on a program that will give benefits for a lifetime.

To learn about becoming a Body Type Counselor yourself, click here to go to the Health Professionals Page.

Elizabeth Morrison
Pacifica, CA
Kate Lynch
New Hartford, CT


by Elliot D. Abravanel, M.D. and Elizabeth King Morrison

Francesca Pardini-O’Neill
North Yorkshire, England

Learn about the Counseling Modules:

Dr. Abravanel and Elizabeth Morrison have created nine Counseling Modules. You can take just one, or just a few, or take all the Modules if you prefer. The Counseling Modules are:

  1. 1.Body Type Determination

  2. 2.The Body Type Eating Plan

  3. 3.Cravings Control

  4. 4.Using Taste and Smell for Balance

  5. 5.The Body Type Exercise Plan

  6. 6.Cooking Right for your Body Type

  7. 7.Stress Control for your Body Type

  8. 8.Losing the Last Five Pounds

  9. 9.Staying in Balance for Life.   

The Counselors are trained to take you through these Modules and completely personalize them for you. The cost is very reasonable, and it is so worth it to have the benefit of a counselor’s help!

It’s also possible to use the Modules for Body Type Self-Counseling. If you’d like to try going through the Modules on your own, please go to the Body Type Store where you can download the Modules for a small charge.

Meet the Body Type Counselors:

Rebecca Carroll

Cedar Hills, UT

(801) 787-4929

Paula Voorham-Kuiper
Nieuwegein, Holland

Kevyn VanLehn

St. George, UT